General Exchange Control Comments:


It is election time in South Africa and suddenly there is an increase in the requests for formal Excon Emigrations.

Feel free to page to my other pages and read my comments on the benefits / process of formal Excon emigration


April 2009 Tax Diary

    1.                  Turnover Tax for Small Business

    Applicable to all small businesses with a turnover R1m and less (see full guide on TO Tax)

1.1               Apply before end April 2009
1.2               for tax year ending on the last day of February 2010
2.                  E@syfile  Paye (All Employers Take Note)
2.1               Commence April 1st, ends on May 30th
2.2               Download new software before you start
3.                  Stamp Duty Comes To And End
3.1               Claim refunds here
3.2               Replaced by the new STT (Security Transfer Tax) system –  read more here
4.                  New Comprehensive CGT Guide

  SARS web page or right click and download from here

5.                  New And Re-Issue of (Draft) Interpretation Notes
5.1               Income Tax
5.2               VAT
5.3               Other