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July 2018 update – Back at his desk


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Hugo van Zyl, also known as the Wegkaner’s best friends, is back in CAPE TOWN.

Having spent a near two year stint with FNB Wealth & Investment’s Fiduciary Advisory as Local & Global Solution Specialist, Hugo recently returned to his own cross-border advisory practice.

Once again available as specialist tax and exchange control advisor to expats, small and medium sized accounting and legal advisory firms.

CRS and FATCA introduced a new client base, the offshore trust service providers providing foreign entities and trading platforms to South African tax and exchange control residents.

Hugo’s international tax treaty advisory services date back to 1993 and span across Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and South Africa. Since 2003 tax and exchange control amnesty he has been instrumental in assisting clients to clear their past mischief.

Living in a Tax transparent era, investors can no longer rely on the “tax” advice originating from foreign trustee’s limited knowledge (or total lack thereof).

Hugo van Zyl’s contact detail in CAPE TOWN:

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Clients in the USA and the UK can dial local numbers, and reach Hugo during South African business hours (time zone GMT+2).

Hugo’s tax and exchange control specialist career started the day of the Chris Hani murder, 29 March 1993, when his then audit practice partner announced his family’s departure to the USA. While assisting in their emigration, he persuaded the Exchange Control  of his new client’s right to access his South African money despite living abroad.

Claiming to be one of the first formal emigration consultants in the post apartheid South Africa, maybe not that far fetched!

This was the first of many similar cases and a vast knowledge basis that became the source of a very successful career as cross order specialist.

The 21 years after the Chris Hani death and the first 20 years of democracy in South Africa, saw thousands of South African expats successfully making use of his hands-on cross border and exchange control expertise.

More than a decade ago he presented the first ‘expat tax lecture’ at London’s Wembley at UKKASIE, which was followed by various lectures, workshops from Johannesburg to New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. On route Hugo stopped over in Malta and Mauritius and more recently Dubai, the so called Expat favoured destinations.

Clients in countries not yet visited, such as Israel and Australia, also continues to help sharing his understanding of the Wegkaner’s, the Saffa or the Oleh…yes, by whatever name the expat wish to be known, Hugo can help.

In South Africa, Hugo has also trained SARS staff, lectured to Prof Anton van der Linde’s postgraduate law students (Advanced Certificate in Trusts Administration),  trained fellow SAICA members covering topics such as VAT, capital gains tax, emigrations, residence basis of taxation and much more.

Most recently Hugo lectured to his fellow STEP Cape Town members, fellow Chartered Accountants and to clients of Cashkows.com.

Hugo’s understanding and knowledge of international tax and related issues include estate planning, local and foreign trusts, local and foreign wills, SARS tax disputes, advising on complex cross border tax issues such as tax treaties (DTA’s) and exchange control matters.

With more than 32 years of experience in accounting and auditing, Hugo has clearly evolved as a sought after go to tax and exchange control specialist in expatriate tax as well as on international tax, cross-border trade and financial emigration.

Hugo’s target market can be defined as expats South Africans, entrepreneurs trading cross border but most importantly other small and medium sized accounting, audit and legal firms.

Other than this blog, Hugo also blogs for TaxConnections, which is read and followed by a worldwide audience and network built up built over the past 20 years.

In 2012 Hugo, his spouse and two Schnauzers relocated the Western Cape from where he continues to serve his South African and indeed worldwide client base.

When not working they enjoy travelling and good food and wine. He is a past national Agentier, Chaine des Rotisseurs Afrique du Sud.


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