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Master Tax Practitioner duly registered with the SAIT as Tax Practitioner (see the new TAA rules) with SARS – MTP(SA).  Other professional registration includes his SAICA registration as CA(SA) – member 00251094 and TEP (registered trust and estate practitioner) with STEP – member 259076

  • ADR – Tax objections, appeals using alternative dispute resolution
  • VAT – value-added tax
  • Income Tax including CGT, donations tax, PAYE and provisional tax
  • CGT – capital gains tax on which Hugo lectured extensively, as SARS contracted lecturer


  • PAYE – pay as you earn pay roll tax deduction system (UK’s P60 and W-2 in USA)
  • Cross Border Taxation and Exchange Control
  • Tax emigration
  • SARB formal emigration – placing formal exit on record allowing emigrants to en-cash retirement annuity funds from  SA
  • Double Tax Agreements (DTA) or tax treaty analysis and application
  • Estate Planning
  • Trust en Estate Administration
  • Estate Duty


  1. My daughter and son-in law have immigrated to New Zealand 1 year ago ,myself and wife wants to go as well ,they can sponsor us as they do get more than $90 000/year,I am 51 years old, work for Telkom for 33 years ,have 5 properties have sold 1 ,how can I invest my R500 000 and my package money(R550 000) and where can I invest my pension money($ Not Rand),how match money can I take over and the tax that I must pay,please notify me via email -fdejongh1963@gmail.com


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