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Breaking news …..

SKYPE: hugo.van.zyl

Hugo van Zyl Contact Detail


Breaking news….

  1. New office numbers as of July 2014, for now use mobile number or the following SKYPE numbers
  • USA                   – + 1 818 924 5001
  • UK                     –  + 44 20 3239 7756
  • South Africa  – 021 813 9775 / 012 743 6564 or mobile above
  1. ATO Amnesty for offshore trusts – that is your SA Trust’s come out of jail card
  2. Just Do IT – The ATs’ Australian Campaign re offshore assets not fully disclosed
  3. Retired and living outside South Africa – think twice before your emigrate as your SA pension is now freely transferable i.e. neither a tax clearance nor a formal emigration is required. Pensioners Freedom

Cross Border Tax and Exchange Control Advisor

Need some guidance on planning your emigration?

you friendly emigration advisor

 H U G O  V A N  Z Y L

CA(SA) M.Com (Tax)  Master Tax Practitioner (SA) TEP


Tax Connected 
Hermanus South Africa

Where can we find Hugo van Zyl?


Yes many of you may have recognized Hermanus old Harbour. 

Tax advisor  Hugo van Zyl now residing in Hermanus, , yet he spends several days per month in Gauteng.

Mobile: +27825544831

Office:  +27283122764 – Hermanus

Home:  +2721 8139775 (Western Cape) or +27127436564 (Gauteng)

email: hugovz(a)iafrica.com

cashkows bcard 2014

business profile: HUGO VAN ZYL






Hugo van Zyl is a Chartered Accountant with a Master’s Degree in Taxation. With more than 20 years of experience in accounting and auditing, today Hugo has relinquished his private practice as a registered auditor and is a sought-after specialist in local and international tax. His main focus is on cross-border and emigration issues. He nonetheless retains his professional registrations with:

Who are the clients?

Hugo assists individuals or companies, directly in association with several small and medium sized audit and law firms servicing their international client base. These services include

  • cross-border Exchange Control applications for individuals emigrating as well as for small- and medium-sized businesses entering the international market;
  • double tax treaty compliance
  • advice on the legal and compliant use of South African and internationally owned intellectual property, such as trade marks, software licenses and franchise agreements
  • assistance to small and medium sized audit firms with tax advice and to resolve tax disputes including VAT.

His client base includes many fellow South Africans dispersed around the world. Both those who left with nearly no cash as well as high net worth individuals leaving their home country or returning to their roots, or merely departing on secondment to fill appointments as business executives, academics or diplomats.

Using modern technology such as Skype, Box.net and Microsoft Office Live, MSN Chat, FON and other VOIP devices he is able to assist his clients around the world from his office in Brooklyn, Pretoria as though they were together in the same boardroom. From his office Hugo professionally attends to his international clients on a daily basis wherever they may reside or trade.

Lecture circuit

Hugo has travelled far and wide to lecture on Tax to South Africans dispersed all over the world, including Wembley, London where his lecture was presented in Afrikaans! Particularly since the well-publicized Tax and Exchange Control Amnesty of 2004, Hugo has been much in demand on the international lecture circuit for his presentations on offshore and the appropriate business structures necessary to be fully complaint with local tax and exchange control rules. In South Africa he has also trained SARS staff, lectured on Advanced Certificate in Trusts to students of various universities and also to SAICA members covering topics such as VAT, capital gains tax, emigrations, residence basis of taxation and much more.

The man himself

Married, with no children Hugo enjoys travel, good food and wine.

Hugo’s passion and commitment is to add value to his clients and particularly, to serve South Africans wherever they are working or living – be that in South Africa or around the world.

For full information go to www.hugovanzyl.co.za

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