Tax 2020 Time lines for SA Expats


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Monday, 06 January 2020


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General guidelines for South African Expats (#Saffas) or #Wegkaner – not employed by SA employer

There is great confusion as the solutions, products and tax process to be followed by Saffas residing AND working in the UAE (in possession of an Emirates ID card)

Foreign Earned Income refers to income from employment only, as defined in ITA section 10(1)(o)(ii)

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#taxmigration vs. #financialemigration

And the scoreboard reads:

#taxmigration                    10        

#formalemigration              5         

#financialemigration       0 (failed)

Eventually, we have SARS buy-in and confirmation that formal emigration is not a tax act process.

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Tax consequences of packing for Perth

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The Sake24 Article on RA’s

Having read the very informative article one is left wanting some more facts on the deemed C G T (capital gains tax) on the assets not sold, yet left behind. The one nice thing as that CGT on immovable property is always payable on actual sale only!

No need to bond the immovable property to pay its taxes, but you may need to cash n a few shares or mutual funds!

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